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Ds Deniz Sulama

Bagricultural irrigation projects making and implementation in addition to individual farmers as purely a leading manufacturer of the industry, serving in the international area between Turkey Our company located agreements and franchises are one of the leading companies in the industry’s sales and marketing.
Drip Irrigation or Drip Irrigation, Sprinkler Irrigation and Landscape Irrigation systems related pipes and fittings, automatic control systems, electro-motopomp, submersible pump, filter systems, hose groups and all necessary materials for the purpose of irrigation and retail sales and marketing .

Ds Deniz Sulama

Quality and Price Guarantee

As DS Deniz Sulama, we offer the best quality products with best price guarantee. We are at your service with drip pipes, sprinkler pipes and pipes and fittings, sprinklers, rotors, automatic control systems, couplings, valves and all other necessary materials. In addition to these, we sell garden irrigation hoses, corrugated pipes, drainage pipes, hydrophore and motopomp types, gasoline and diesel generators, filters and filter systems.

We support the farmers with state-of-the-art drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation projects.

RainBird As Ankara Stand and Central Anatolia Authorized Service, drip irrigation, distributors, fittings, drip irrigation control kits, valves, balance arm sprinklers, spray heads, nozzles and other Rainbird products all to Turkey we will send. We also provide free discovery and project services for automatic irrigation system.

Senkron Plastik Inc. ‘s 10 years as Turkey’s first turnover of all covered, dripping pipes, valve box, are at your service with guaranteed best price in the dripping pipe fittings.

Fırat’ın We offer man Euphrates drip irrigation systems kör, which are composed of drip irrigation pipes, mini valves, nipple cuffs, blind plugs, reduction T and elbows produced in production facilities in Ankara, at the most affordable prices.

As the company that invented drip irrigation, we continue to offer Dripnet PC Pressure, Regulated drip irrigation and Streamline flat drip pipe products at the most reasonable prices as the Ankara Regional Dealer of Netafim, a leading company in smart drip irrigation and micro irrigation systems.